About Us

A family owned and operated organization established in 1995, and running strong. We carry an array of delectable frozen pastries ranging from flaky croissants and mouth watering danishes to specialty puff pastry dough, which is the foundation of our top selling strudels. What separates us from the rest is that we only use the finest ingredients and our dough contains absolutely no additives or active agents.


Integrity, quality and customer service are the pillars of success at Creation Foods Company. A family run business for eleven years, Creation Foods Company has been distributing quality frozen baked and unbaked products from major suppliers to independent bakers, restaurants, school cafeterias and other food service facilities. At present our business has expanded to include a regular customer base and a location dedicated to manufacturing, freezer storage and office space. Our philosophy is straightforward: exceptional quality bakery products for our customer’s satisfaction conveniently delivered.

In 2004, we listened to the needs of our customers and expanded our business. We ventured into the manufacturing of our own frozen baked and unbaked products. With our latest manufacturing endeavor we have developed a couple of special products that are second to none.

In 2005, we were honored with our Kosher Certification from the Kashruth Council. We can now service any food service facility maintaining a kosher way of life.  In 2012 we have changed Kosher Certification to “Badatz ” and removed  ”COR” Kashruth Council from our labels  We are also a nuts-free facility and therefore are able to service schools and camps with a wide variety of products.

We spread our wings in 2009 and began servicing clients in Montreal with a new distribution centre.  We hope to expand our clinetele in Montreal and possibly throughout the rest of Canada.

In 2010, we were featured in The Canadian Jewish News. Click here to find out more

Our strategy in 2011 will be to develop new exciting products for our customers with a different edge and expanding and developing our business relationships into the United States with other food retailers and distributors.

Meeting the needs of you and your customer is our mission, creating a mutually beneficial relationship is our goal.

Creation First Open House

December 2016 Creation Food invited all the community to participate in the holiday, we opened our doors to the public, anyone was welcome to come and see how we make sufganiyot in mass production, as well we let everyone make their own, anyone could eat as many as they want, we had over 500 families come to the open house, as well we have booked at no cost schools tours so the young kids will get into the spirit of the holiday and keep the jewish traditions


Puff Pastry a light flaky pastry that is formed by rolling and folding the dough in layers so that it expands when baked. The French call this rich, delicate, multilayered “pastry pate feulletee”. The simplicity and beauty of baking with puff pastry is that it is a “freezer to oven” product. Simply place the puff pastry item on you lined baking sheet (do not thaw or proof product) and bake straight in the oven for the required time. When baked, the moisture in the dough creates steam, causing the dough to puff and separate into hundreds of flaky layers and producing a crisp flaky delight. Puff pastry is used to make a variety of crisp creations, hence the birth of “Bourekas”.


An ethnic delicacy originated in the Middle Eastern and European countries. Bourekas are made out of puff pastry filled with various fillings. Among the popular fillings are meat, cheese, olives, potato, spinach, eggplant, pizza flavor, and mushrooms. Bourekas come in several shapes, which are indicative of their fillings. Traditionally, Cheese Bourekas come in right-angled and isosceles triangles, and have two different sizes. Potato-filled Bourekas come in a certain box shape. Pizza filled Bourekas resembles a co-centric tower, while spinach filled bourekas resemble a pastry knot. Creation Bourekas, include savory flavors such as feta & cream cheese, potato and garlic, spinach and feta, green olive and feta, mushroom potato onion and pizza.


A strudel is a type of pastry that originated in Germany and Austria and is most often associated with Austrian and German cuisine. Creation strudels are different from the traditional strudels because they are made with puff pastry. We begin with our “trans fat free” puff pastry, then add a thin layer of sweet pastry cheese, next fruit filling of either sliced apples, cherry or blueberry and finally hand braided into a 20 oz pastry that when baked is oozing with sweet flavor.


Items include: Fruit Filled Turnovers, Palmiers (Palm leaves), Chocolate, Cinnamon and Raspberry Twists